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Giant Touch Tablet for Your Conference Room 

Present, annotate and collaborate on a giant tablet with meeting participants in the room and around the world. An PPT Media Mondopad puts everything you need to visually present, capture and share ideas at your fingertips – all beautifully integrated into a single device. 

  • Multi-touch high definition 55-inch or 70-inch display
  • Flexible and expandable with built-in Windows PC
  • Digital interactive whiteboard and document annotation
  • Business-class video conferencing
  • Share, view and control from your notebook, tablet or smartphone
  • Full version of Microsoft Office
  • Part numbers: INF5520A (55-inch) and INF7021 (70-inch)






Key Specifications Mondopad 55-Inch & 70-Inch
Resolution (Native) 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Brightness 450 cd/m2
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Region Availability South East Asia



Designed for Multi-touch

Mondopad’s human, natural touch interface changes the way people interact with information, collaborate and connect. Meetings are more engaging, content is more immersive, and audiences are more engaged.

The included Mondopad software makes full use of the Mondopad’s multi-touch capabilities to simplify and optimize all of its presentation, annotation and collaboration applications.




Video Connect to the World

Add Mondopad as a SIP endpoint on your video conference server or service. You can also install the desktop client onto Mondopad for your video conferencing system, just like you would a PC.

If you don’t have a video conferencing system, we have an affordable video conferencing solution from Vidtel.

Industry standard collaboration tools like GoToMeeting, WebEx, Microsoft Lync and Adobe Connect run seamlessly on a Mondopad. It’s as easy as downloading an app.

Video: Mondopad saves agency time and money on travel

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Rock Solid Hardware

Mondopad combines the power and flexibility of an all-in-one PC with a giant touch display plus camera and speakers for optimal video communication.

Mondopad is built around industry standards and leading technologies from Intel and Microsoft, so upgrading to the latest software and tools is a breeze.

  • 1080p LCD display with multi-touch overlay
  • High performance Intel i5 PC running Win 7 Pro
  • Full version of Microsoft Office
  • High definition 720p camera with four microphones
  • Voice-optimized speaker bars for dialogue clarity
  • HDMI, USB, Ethernet, VGA inputs and more
  • Intel vPro technology for remote monitoring and management
  • One-year limited warranty




See Me. Touch Me. “Wow” Them.

Easy and familiar presentation, annotation and collaboration applications optimized for touch
Sharing documents and visuals during a meeting from any device is amazingly easy with the Mondopad’s simple and familiar folder structure.

  • Add, remove and launch documents from the Mondopad’s View/Share folder, which anyone in the meeting can access
  • You can even email files directly to the Mondopad
  • Use all of the office documents (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF, JPGs and more) that you use every day — all optimized for touch



Whiteboard Wizard

Brainstorm, record and share information & ideas

The Mondopad’s whiteboard and collaboration apps make it easy to open the dialogue, increase interest and capture and share the ideas.

  • A complete set of writing and drawing tools, pens, highlighters, shapes and lines are at your command
  • Whiteboard drawings and notes on your meeting visuals can be collected, saved and emailed to meeting participants right from the Mondopad

Check our Events page for the time of our next free Mondopad webinar.





Never Lose An Idea

Take notes on-screen and collaborate in real time

You can also use the whiteboard’s writing and drawing tools to take notes on what is being presented on screen. This highly-visual medium allows your teams to communicate more effectively and never lose an idea.

  • Circle or highlight key information on PPT slides, spreadsheets, design comps, and more
  • Identify information on-screen to help remote participants follow along
  • Capture and share the notes with everyone in the meeting right from the Mondopad



Mondopad Mobile Apps

Share, view and control Mondopad content from your tablet, PC or smartphone

  • Mondopad Connect app lets you quickly connect your tablet, iPhone or Android smartphone to a Mondopad via WiFi.
  • ControlView app replicates the Mondopad desktop on your iPad, tablet or PC, giving you full touch control of Mondopad from that device.
  • Present2 feature replicates your PC’s screen on the Mondopad. And, you can install it directly from your Mondopad.





Monitor and Manage

Remote monitoring and management technology is built-in

IT administrators and managed service providers can securely monitor and manage the Mondopad from anywhere.

Embedded Intel vPro technologies and compatibility with industry leading remote monitoring and management software provide immediate access for controlling, analyzing and administering the Mondopad as a hooked IT asset.

Display Specifications Mondopad 55-Inch Mondopad 70-Inch
Aspect Ratio (Native) 16:9
Aspect Ratio (Supported) 4:3, 5:4, 16:9, 16:10
Resolution (Native) 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Picture-in-Picture SBS/4 Quadrant PiP Not Available
Refresh Rate 60 Hz 120 Hz
Touch Screen Multi-touch touch screen system with support for 2 touch and Windows 7 gesturing;
Glass protection overlay for LCD surface
Active Area (h x w) 47.6 x 26.8 in. (1209 x 681 mm)
Diagonal Size 55″ 70″
Display Technology LCD LED edge-lit LCD
Number of Colors 1.07 billion
Pixel Pitch 0.025 in. (.63 mm)
Projection Presets Presentation, Video, Bright, User
Split Screen Yes
Surface Treatment Anti-Glare Coating
Video Compatibility Full NTSC, 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p (60, 30, 24Hz)
Viewing Angle (h / v) 89° / 89° 176° / 176°
Audio Mondopad 55-Inch Mondopad 70-Inch
Sound Bar Frequency Response 90Hz to 20KHz
Sound Bar Power 60 Hz AC
Sound Bar Power Output (RMS) 25 watts/channel @ 1% THD, 1KHz, 2-channels drive, 70 watts total system PEAK
Sound Bar Speaker Drivers (L&R Channel) Two 3″ and one 3/4″ Aluminum Neodymium Tweeter (per side)
Number of Colors 1.07 billion
Speakers Integrated: Stereo 7W x 2
Connectivity (Input/Output) Mondopad 55-Inch Mondopad 70-Inch
Connections HDMI 1.3 x 2, VGA, Component, Composite, S-Video, RCA stereo audio x 2, 3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack input, RS232, USB Type-B for touch screen control, Ethernet (RJ45 x 2) HDMI x 2, USB Type-A x 7 (4 on side of display, 1 on top of display (used by camera), 2 on PC), Ethernet (RJ45 x 2), VGA, 3.5mm stereo mini-jack, RCA stereo audio in and out, 3.5mm stereo audio in and out
Component (RCA) 1 N/A
Composite (RCA) 1 N/A
Networking 2
RS232 1 N/A
S-Video 1 N/A
Stereo 3.5mm Mini Jack Input 1
Stereo 3.5mm Mini Jack Output 1
Stereo RCA Input 2
USB Type A 6 7
USB Type B 1
Wireless Connectivity Yes
Environmental Mondopad 55-Inch Mondopad 70-Inch
Audible Noise (High, dBA) < 40dBA @ 25°C
Maximum Altitude (feet) 10000
Maximum Altitude (meters) 3048
Operating Temperature (C) 5 – 35°
Operating Temperature (F) 41 – 95°
Integrated Computer Specifications Mondopad 55-Inch Mondopad 70-Inch
Hard Drive SSD 120GB
Included Software Microsoft Office Home & Business 32bit, Mondopad interface software
LAN 802.3 10/100/1000Base-T with Wake on LAN
Memory 4 GB of DDR3
Operating System Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Processor Intel Core i5-2520m, QM67 chipset with support for AMT 7.1
Wi-Fi Dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n MIMO PCIe half mini card, 2.4 GHz with Intel, AMT support
Other Mondopad 55-Inch Mondopad 70-Inch
Where Available South East Asia
Approvals United States (FCC, UL), Europe (CE), Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia (Sirim), Taiwan, United Arab Emirates United States (FCC)
Menu Languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian
Physical Attributes Mondopad 55-Inch Mondopad 70-Inch
Product Dimensions (W x D x H) (in.) 53 x 5.5 x 38.3 65.7 x 4 x 45
Product Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 1346 x 140 x 973 1669 x 102 x 1143
Product Weight (kg) 61 77.1
Product Weight (lbs.) 134.4 170
Shipping Dimensions (W x D x H) (in.) 58.66 x 13.86 x 38.39 1669 x 102 x 1143
Shipping Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 1490 x 352 x 975 1854 x 267 x 1245
Shipping Weight (kg) 61.7 78.5
Shipping Weight (lbs) 136 173
Vesa Standard 15.7 x 15.7 in. (400 x 400 mm)
Power / Electrical Mondopad 55-Inch Mondopad 70-Inch
Energy Star 5.1 for display and PC
Power Supply AC 100 to 240V, 50/60 Hz
Lens and field of view F/2.0, 3P Lens; FOV(D) 56.8° in HD mode, FOV(D) 50° in VGA mode 1.0x zoom, FOV(D) 30° in VGA mode 1.6x zoom
Power consumption (High, Watts) 230 (Mondopad panel w/speaker bar & camera off),
240 (Mondopad panel w/speaker bar & camera on)
Power consumption (Standby, Watts) 1.5 (Mondopad panel w/camera),
4 (Mondopad panel w/speaker bar and camera)
Warranty Mondopad 55-Inch Mondopad 70-Inch
Product Warranty 1 Year / 3 Years 1 Year Limited / 3 Years Limited
Accessory Warranty 1 Year
Webcam Specifications Mondopad 55-Inch Mondopad 70-Inch
Audio support 4 built-in unidirectional microphones
Frame rate 22fps at HD with H.264+YUV (2-way)
Lens and field of view F/2.0, 3P Lens; FOV(D) 56.8° in HD mode, FOV(D) 50° in VGA mode 1.0x zoom, FOV(D) 30° in VGA mode 1.6x zoom
Power Via USB
Resolution 1280 x 720
Tiltl Manual up/down and left/right ±40°

“An essential tool in the Sq1 Creative Department”


“Sq1 first purchased the Mondopad because we were unsatisfied with the audio and video quality of other conferencing devices we tried. In the past our weekly creative meetings with our Dallas office were a hassle. Video calls dropped and the sound cut in and out. With the Mondopad we can now just dial up the Mondopad on their end and we’re connected. It’s pretty amazing. It’s almost as if they’re in the office on the other side of the wall and the Mondopad is a window through. The Mondopad has also made sharing concepts with the other office a lot easier as well. I can save my presentation on a thumb drive, plug it into the side of the Mondopad, and then share my screen with them—I can even make notes on my files and Dallas will see what I’m writing as I’m writing. Even in our day to day, if we need to brainstorm a quick idea, all we need to do is pull up the whiteboard and go. And if we need to check a fact—Boom—hit the web browser and we’re searching for the answer without skipping a beat. I didn’t think so in the beginning, but the Mondopad has become an essential tool in the Sq1 Creative Department and proves its worth every day.” — Patrick Doyle, Sq1 Portland Creative Director


“With the Mondopad we have been eliminating problems and saved money”

“At first I was skeptical of the cost versus the actual saving on the product, but I have to agree that it is proving to be a great benefit to Savino in Cape Town. For us it is ALL about cost saving when considering a new product or service and after the first month I can safely say that that we have at least saved on two to three flights to Johannesburg which calculates to R10 000 – R15 000 due to video conference calling. In the past we have always been exposed to telephone conferencing and the problem with that is the quality of the conversation and the amount of valuable information that gets lost due to bad lines. With the Mondopad we have been eliminating problems and saved money.” – Freddie Malan, Bond and Brokerage Team Leader, Savino Del Bene, South Africa

“Awesome product!”


“[Mondopad] looks great! Beyond the functionality of it, I think this will enhance the Lane PR brand as it pertains to on-site visitors. The best part of this is that the product is very much cutting edge and not even close to bleeding edge. For those in the corporate world who have been through bleeding edge technology, I think that’s an important concept that will resonate. Awesome product!” — Brian Nakashima, CFO, Lane PR


Success Stories

Mondopad Used On-Air at KOMO News in Seattle

“The Mondopad’s features met many of the requirements we were looking for in a digital display to use in broadcasts. And before long, the KOMO newsroom was experimenting with a Mondopad. At KOMO, we’re still finding new ways to incorporate the Mondopad into newscasts, and since it’s so interactive and easy to learn, it definitely boosts the vitality and enjoyment of broadcasting the nightly news.” -Matt Markovich, technology reporter for Seattle’s KOMO 4 News

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Press Review

“The Mondopad Brings All New Excitement To The Business Meeting”


Techour got a hands-on demo of Mondopad at CES 2012. They said “I like it, highly recommended and better than projectors and rollup screens and seriously boring whiteboards with those pens that last a meeting or two if you’re lucky.”

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“…a product that stirs the imagination and opens doors on new possibilities”


Unified Communications Strategies wrote about Mondopad. According to UCStrategies UC Expert Pamela Avila: “Every now and then someone develops a product that stirs the imagination and opens doors on new possibilities. The Mondopad, from my own sneak preview, certainly falls into that category.” She also calls Mondopad “as suitable for SME customers as it is for enterprise customers.”

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GigaOM: “A giant tablet for video conferencing and collaboration”


GigaOM says, “Want a high-definition video conferencing system for your meeting room, but don’t have the budget for a costly room-based telepresence system? You might want to check out the MondoPad…It’s a huge 55-inch, 1080p multi-touch LCD display that’s effectively a giant tablet computer designed for videoconferencing and collaboration.”


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“InFocus Mondopad a tablet on steroids”


Crave, the gadget blog from CNET says “The Mondopad’s aim is to drain the boring out of business meetings.” The post goes on to say “The technology plays nice with traditional video conferencing systems, laptops, video phones, and services like Google Chat. It brings all participants together in one place regardless of the system they are using.”


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Mondopad Helps “Infuse More Reality” Into Boston University’s Classroom


Financial Times profiled how Boston University School of Management incorporated Mondopad into their classroom to create a more reality-based and collaborative learning experience. The classroom includes guest lecturers from around the world via video conferencing and interactive simulations and is booked morning until night, six days a week. “It’s a whole new level of engagement and participation, and [the inclusion of executives] makes it current,” says a student enrolled in the school’s joint MBA and Information Systems program.

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Chicago Area’s Daily Herald Business Ledger Article on Mondopad for SMBs


Rick Klicki’s Tech Talk section of the Daily Herald Business Ledger talks with authorized reseller TeamLogicIT about Mondopad and its benefits for small and medium businesses in suburban Chicago.

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Projector Central says Mondopad “will change the way people interact with information”


The Pondering Pixel at ProjectorCentral.com says Mondopad was one of the highlights of her visit to CES in January. She says Mondopad “positions itself to be the new brain center of any wired classroom replacing white boards, PCs, touch panels, cameras, and video conferencing units.”

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Mondopad Review: “This elegant, wireless, friendly giant is a winner.”


Gearburn did a thorough review of the InFocus Mondopad and said, “In a world where communication is changing as quickly as a chameleon changers colours on a Smarties box, this multi–tasker has it all.” They also said, “In all, this is one cool customer. You could do worse than try it out for size. But watch out for frostbite.”

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UC News Video Review of Mondopad


Unified Communications (UC) News in the UK provides a video review of Mondopad, calling it “possibly the only meeting room solution you will ever need.”

Watch video on YouTube

AV magazine (UK): “It brings people together like no other”


A thorough article about Mondopad by AV magazine in UK included this: “Designed as an ‘ideal world’ solution to real world challenges in business and education, the Mondopad offers the power to display, explain, share and enhance ideas with meeting participants in the same room, in the same building, or on the other side of the world.”

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Mondopad is the “Cool Product of the Year”


Mondopad was voted as the “Cool Product of the Year” at the Oregon TechAwards on May 9, 2012. Sponsored by the technology trade group TechAmerica, the award is “Presented to the company that has developed, and/or introduced a cool product sometime in the most recent 18 months, and had a significant demonstrable success in the past 12 months.” Read about the event on the Portland Business Journal at the link below.

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Mondopad Video Review by How To Spend It (Financial Times)


Watch Jonathan Margolis in his Technopolis TV column use the video conferencing and whiteboarding capabilities of Mondopad, which he says “brings touch-screen tech and video conferencing brilliantly together.” How To Spend It is a “a website of worldly pleasures” from the UK’s Financial Times luxury lifestyle magazine.

Watch The Video


CNET Video Review of Mondopad


Bridget Carey from CNET puts her hands all over our Mondopad at CES 2012 in this informative and concise video review.

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Mondopad and Vitdel Partnership get “Best of Show” at InfoComm 2011


Telepresence Options magazine gave InFocus Mondopad and Vidtel the “Best of Show” award in the Partnership category at InfoComm 2011. They said: “The partnership bundles Vidtel’s cloud-based multi-point bridging services with the MondoPad for SME clients that would like have multi-point capabilities but don’t want to buy and babysit an MCU. On the Vidtel side the launch of the MondoPad attracted the attention of every gadget site on the Internet: Engadget, CNet, ZDNet, with even Technobuffalo weighing in on the uber-geekiness of a 55″ touch sensitive display. Scott Wharton had the only video MSP on the scene.”

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Mondopad gets “Best of Show” at InfoComm 2011


Telepresence Options magazine gave Mondopad the “Best of Show” award in the Videoconference Appliance category at InfoComm 2011. They said “The InFocus Mondopad was one of a handful of distinctively innovative ideas at InfoComm. The marriage of a 55 inch touch sensitive 1080p LCD “tablet” and 720p videoconferencing capabilities into a relatively low-cost ($5949) package. I especially like the ability to whiteboard interactively and digitize hand-generated graphics so I wanted to give some props to InFocus for their touch sensitive tablet approach.”

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rAVe Best of InfoComm: Most Creative New Product


Gary Kayye and the rAVe Pubs team gave a rAVe Award to Mondopad as the “Most Creative New Product” at InfoComm in 2011. Here’s what they had to say: “Mondopad is a $5900 multi-touch 55” 1080p LCD with built-in videoconferencing (including compatibility with Skype, GoogleTalk, Tandberg, Polycom, Sony and any other H.232 or SIP system). It also works as an interactive whiteboard that’ll connect to the network so you can save, send or print it, plus it uses Windows 7 Pro as an OS. This is a great example of differentiation from a display manufacturer.”

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